Paul Peltier & Rosalie Deguire dite Derosiers

Paul Peltier and Rosalie Deguire dite Derosiers are my 3rd great-grandparents on my grandmother’s side of the family.  My 2nd great-grandmother Rose Delima was the older of only two children born to Paul and Rosalie.  Her younger brother was Antoine Napolean Peltier; I’ve already written about Rose Delima and Antoine.

Paul was born on October 29, 1820 and baptized the following day at Saint-Michel d’Yamaska, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada.1  His father Antoine was 20 years old and his mother Adelaide (Salva) was 19 years old.  Paul was Antoine’s and Adelaide’s firstborn; he would eventually have 5 brothers and 2 sisters.

Paul Peltier 1820 baptismal record – Saint-Michel d’Yamaska


B (Baptism)

Paul Peltier

In the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty the thirtieth of October was baptized by us, the undersigned priest Paul Peltier born yesterday from the legitimate marriage of Antoine Peltier, farmer of this parish, and Adelaide Salva. The godfather was Joseph Salva and godmother Therese Gingras who declared that they did not know how to sign.

                                                                            Signature of priest, possibly P. Gibert

End of translation.

I believe that Joseph Salva is Paul’s maternal grandfather and Therese Gingras is his paternal grandmother.

Paul’s future wife, Rosalie Deguire dite Derosiers, was born on May 8, 1825 to Joseph Deguire dit Derosier and Rosalie Mondor dite Lienard.  She was baptized at Saint-Michel d’Yamaska on May 9, 1825.2  At the time of her birth, her father was 22 years old and her mother was 23 years old.  Rosalie would eventually have 4 sisters and 4 brothers.

Rosalie Deguire dite Derosier 1825 baptismal record – Saint-Michel d’Yamaska


97 B (the 97th baptism at Saint-Michel d’Yamaska in 1825)

Rosalie Deguire dite Derosier

On the ninth of May 1825 by us, the undersigned parish priest was baptized Rosalie born yesterday from the legitimate marriage of Joseph Deguire dit Derosier, local farmer and Rosalie Mondor, godfather Jean Baptiste Mondor, godmother Claire Badayac called Laplante, who with the father did not know how to sign.

                                                                                                                   Father H. Leclerc

End of translation.

Jean Baptiste Mondor is her maternal grandfather and Claire Badayac dite Laplante is Rosalie’s paternal grandmother.

Paul and Rosalie were married on September 5, 1843 at Saint-Aime, Pierre-de-Saurel, Quebec, Canada when Paul was 22 years old and Rosalie was 18 years old.3  Little did the young couple know that they would only be married for a short time.

Paul Peltier and Rosalie Dequire 1843 marriage record, Saint-Aime


M12 (the 12th marriage of 1843 at Saint-Aime, Quebec)

Paul Peltier and Rosalie Deguire

On the fifth of September, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, after the publication of three marriage banns made at the sermon of our parish mass, between Paul Peltier, farmer domiciled in this parish, adult son of the late Antonie Peltier and Adelaide Salvas on the one hand, and Rosalie Deguire resides in this parish, minor daughter of Joseph Deguire, farmer, and Rosalie Mondor of this parish on the other hand. Not having discovered any impediment to the said marriage and with the consent of the parents, we, the undersigned priest, have received their mutual consent of marriage and we gave them the Nuptial Benediction in the presence of Louis Salvas, Jean Prince, Joseph Deguire father of the wife and Michel Lamothe –. — as well as the husband, have not undersigned and the others — as well as the wife have signed with us.

R. Deguire

Jean Prince

Michel Lamothe

                                                                                                Father B. – Lamothe

End of translation.

I found it interesting that Paul did not know how to sign his name, but Rosalie did.

Just over one year after Paul and Rosalie married, daughter Rose Delima was born on September 20, 18444 and their second child, Antoine Napolean followed about 2 years later on July 27, 1846.5  However, Rosalie would not live to see either child grow old; she passed away on August 31, 1846 about 5 weeks after Antoine’s birth.  Rose Delima would have her 2nd birthday 20 days later.  Paul was a widower at 25 years old and Antoine and Rose Delima were motherless.

Rosalie Deguire 1846 burial record, Saint-Aime6


S57 (the 57th sepulture in 1846 at Saint-Aime)

Rosalie Deguire

On September 3, 1846, the undersigned parish priest buried in the cemetery of this church the body of Rosalie Deguire, age twenty [she actually was 21], deceased three days, wife of Paul Peltier, farmer in this parish. Present Pierre and Francois Richard who have not undersigned.

                                                                                                Father J. A. Boisserd (I’m not sure if I have his name correct)

End of translation.         

On February 15, 1847, about 7 months after Rosalie’s death, Paul married Angele Parenteau at Saint-Michel d’Yamaska.7  This union was blessed with an additional 11 half-siblings for Rose Delima and Antoine.  The 4 oldest of these half-siblings were born in Canada and the rest were born in Minnesota.

According to the 1895 Minnesota census,8 Paul immigrated to Centerville, Anoka County, Minnesota in the fall of 1854 with Angele and the children immigrating the following fall.  Paul’s son Antoine immigrated with them, but it appears that his sister Rose Delima remained behind in Canada living with her grandparents, Joseph Deguire and Rosalie (Mondor dite Lienard).9  After Rose Delima married Jean Baptiste Derosier, they immigrated to Centerville in 1869 where Paul then had all of his children in one place.  Also, I’m pretty sure that 2 of Paul’s brothers: Oliver and Joseph immigrated to Centerville about the same time as Paul.

The 1857 Minnesota Territorial census enumerates Paul (38), Catharine (31) (should read Angele, but I think Charles Paul Peltier’s wife Catherine was mistakenly written down), Antoine (11), Marie [Angele] (9), Tailor [Thelesphore] (7), Narcisse (6), Amelia [Emilie] (3) and Joseph [Joseph Paul] (7/12).  Joseph was the first of the children born in Minnesota.  Paul’s listed occupation is hunter.10

By the 1860 U. S. census Paul is a farmer in Centerville with real estate value of $180 and personal estate value of $50.  One more child, Oliver (1), has been added to the growing family.11

The next record I find for Paul is on the “Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registrations, 1863-1865”.  As required by law, he registered for the draft in 1863 with the class II group of men.  Class II included those men from age 36 to 46 who were married.  Joseph and Oliver Peltier are also listed with Paul; I believe they are his brothers who had also emigrated from Canada.  I don’t think that any of them were called into service.

1863 Paul Peltier and his brothers Joseph and Oliver on the Civil War Class II draft registration records12

The next U. S. census in 1870 lists Paul’s real estate value as $400 and his personal estate value at $550 and the family has grown to include 4 more children: Elizabeth (9), Paul (6), Mitchell (3) and John (1).13 Additionally in 1870 there was a U. S. Agricultural census conducted.  On it, Paul declares that he has 8 acres of improved land and 19 acres of unimproved land worth a total of $300.  He goes on to list 3 milk cows, 2 working oxen, 5 other cattle and 7 swine for a total value of $393.  Goods produced during the year ending June 1, 1870 are given as 100 bushels of Indian corn, 150 bushels of oats, 50 bushels of Irish potatoes and 15 tons of hay.  He estimated that the total value of all farm production was $292.14

The youngest of Paul’s and Angele’s children, Alexander (4), shows up on the 1875 Minnesota census.15  Angele has given birth to 11 children in 21 plus years.  She was 22 years old when she had her first child and 44 years old when she had her last one.  Their children were: Marie Angele, Telesphore, Narcisse, Emilie, Joseph Paul, Oliver, Elizabeth, Paul Joseph, Mitchell, John and Alexander.  These children are my half 3rd great-grandaunts and great-granduncles.  As I have mentioned before, many of the Peltiers in the White Bear Lake area are related to us through these half-siblings.  I’ll tell you what I know about those relationships next week.

1890 – Paul and Angele Peltier

In the 1895 Minnesota census Paul is listed as being 74 years old (he is actually 75) and he is still farming.  Angele’s age is given as 67 years old (she is actually 68 or 69).  Sons Alexander, Paul and John along with John’s wife Mary are living with them.16

Paul is the only immigrant ancestor of ours that I’ve found who finished filing all of the necessary paperwork for naturalization.  His second papers were completed on July 14, 1897.  At 76 years old, Paul was a citizen of the United States.  He had left Canada over 40 years earlier.  It must have meant a lot to him to finally have achieved U. S. citizenship.

Paul Peltier, July 14, 1897 Naturalization Record – Second Papers17 (notice his signed the middle document)

When Paul passed away on Sunday May 7, 1899 he was just over 78.5 years old.  He had lived the majority of his life in Centerville, Minnesota.  Only his first wife Rosalie and his daughter Emilie had preceded him in death.  His funeral was held on May 8, 1899 and he was buried in St. Genevieve Cemetery in Centerville, lot 558, row 4.

Paul Peltier death announcement18
Grave monument for Paul and Angele (Parenteau) Peltier

(Both Paul’s and Angele’s birth years are incorrect.  Paul was born in 1820 and Angele was born in 1826.)

After Paul’s passing, I found Angele in the 1900 U. S. census still living in Centerville, but residing with her son Oliver and his family.  The record states that she cannot read, write or speak English.19

I couldn’t find Angele in the 1905 Minnesota census.  I found Oliver and his family, but Angele is no longer living with them.  I looked through all of the Centerville records and cannot find her, so I am not sure where she’s residing.

Angele passed away on December 20, 1906 at 80 years and 8 months old.   According to her death record she died of old age.20  Angele was laid to rest with her husband Paul at St. Genevieve Cemetery in Centerville.

Angele Peltier 1906 death record

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