Pierre Pichet dit Lamusette

The infancy of Quebec witnessed many men emigrating from France in hope of a better life for themselves and hopefully, for their family.  Pierre Pichet dit Lamusette, my 8th great-grandfather, on both the Vadnais and the Peltier sides of the family, was one of those men.  However, despite all of his good intentions, his life would include a few twists.

Pierre was born to Pierre and Anne (Pineault) Pichet on August 18, 1632 and baptized at Saint-Georges de Faye-la-Veneuse, Poitiers, France.1  Interestingly Pierre was born the same year that the Treaty of Saint-Germain was signed returning Quebec to French control after the English had seized it in 1629.2

Map of France showing Faye-la-Veneuse3
Saint-Georges de Fay

Pierre married Marie Lefebvre in France sometime before 1662.4  The details of their marriage are unknown.  

Around 1662, Pierre, a carpenter by trade, left France on a sailing ship and made the long journey to Quebec.  For whatever reason, Marie remained behind.  Sometime after his arrival, Pierre was delivered the heartbreaking news that his wife had passed away.  In that moment whatever plans he had changed.

Pierre stayed in Quebec and on November 25, 1665 he married Catherine Durand, a “Filles du Roi,” at Notre Dame de Quebec.5  Catherine was about 16 years old and Pierre around 33 years old.  He no longer was a widower and together he and Catherine would start a family.

1665 Notre Dame de Quebec marriage record for Pierre Picher and Catherine Durand

By the end of 1670 Catherine had given birth to their first 3 children: Jean Baptiste, Adrien (my 7th great-grandfather on the Vadnais side) and Marie Madeleine.

Pierre Pichet dit Lamusette and Catherine Durand family PRDH #2010 showing their first 3 children6

In 1671 news reached Pierre that his first wife had not died; whatever illness she had, she had rallied and survived.  Pierre became an involuntary bigamist.  As a man of honor he knew he was bound to his first marriage.  He left Catherine and his 3 young children and returned to France where he found Marie, alive and well. 

Having created a life in Quebec, he decided to return there and bring Marie, his first wife, along with him.  The couple set sail in June 1671 for Quebec on the Saint-Jean-Baptiste with Captain Poullet,7 but Marie would never set foot on dry land again; she died during the voyage.  Once again Pierre would grieve the loss of his wife, but in the front of his mind he knew he was needed by his other family.  On August 15, 1671 the ship landed8 and Pierre once again focused his attention on his family in Quebec. 

With his marriage to Catherine no longer recognized by the Church, Pierre had to seek rehabilitation in order to legitimize their union.  Only then could their children be baptized and raised as Catholics.  The Church understandingly granted the request and Pierre and Catherine were legally remarried on September 9, 1673 at Notre Dame de Quebec.9

1673 Notre Dame de Quebec marriage record for Pierre Picher and Catherine Durand

Two days later, on September 11, 1673, the Sovereign Council granted civil rehabilitation for Pierre’s children.  In doing so, they regained their civil rights and became capable of inheriting.

Having made things right, Pierre and Catherine picked up where they left off.  Over the next 17 years Catherine gave birth to 5 more children: Pierre (my 7th great-grandfather on the Peltier side), Marie Catherine, Francois, Ignace (my 7th great-grandfather on the Peltier side) and Louis.10

Pierre Pichet dit Lamusette and Catherine Durand family PRDH #2010 showing all 8 children

Pierre passed away on October 30, 1713 and was buried the same day from Saint-Sulpice L’Assomption.11  He was 81 years old.

Pierre Pichet 1713 burial record – Saint-Sulpice L’Assomption

Catherine lived another 19 years.  She was buried on January 18, 1732 from Saint-Sulpice L’Assomption.12  Although her age is given as 90 years old, because she was born about 1649, she would have only been around 83 years old.

Catherine Durant [Durand] 1732 burial record – Saint-Sulpice L’Assomption

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