Books with our Ancestors

Here’s a list of books that are either about an ancestor or include a number of our ancestors.  Some of these materials are not readily available.

A Chronological History of Early French-Canadian Families, The First 60 Years by Rodney Bond, 2021, 337 pages, includes many mini-biographies of many of my 7th through 12th great-grandparents.  The book also provides a link to a site online where more information is given.

Charlemagne by Derek Wilson, 2006, 226 pages, a biography of Charlemagne, my 39th and 41st great-grandfather.

Companions of Champlain, Founding Families of Quebec, 1608-1635 by Denise R. Larson, 2016, 188 pages, includes family sheets with many of my early French-Canadian ancestors.

Helene’s World by Susan McNelley, 2013, 322 pages, the story of my 10th great-grandmother, Helene Desportes and her life in early Quebec, including many other direct ancestors.

La Famille Vadenay, A Genealogical Journey From France to Quebec to the United States by Betty Vadner Haas, 2002, 69 pages, includes my 6th & 7th great-grandparents: Jean Baptiste Vadnais and Marie Anne Mousseau, and Pierre Remi Vadenay and Louise Moirie as well as early history for France and Quebec.

Little Canada… A Voyageur’s Vision by Gareth D. Hiebert, Editor, 1989, 331 pages, includes Jean Garceau and Marie Anne Gingras (my 3rd great-grandparents) as well as other relatives and local history.

La Scandaleuse Nouvelle-France by Guy Giguere, 2002, 238 pages, scabrous and unedifying stories of our ancestors including my 9th great-grandmother Francoise Duverger.  (The book is only published in French.)

Looking Back At White Bear Lake by Cynthia E. Vadnais, 2004, 382 pages, includes my grandfather Adlore J. Vadnais, his family and his business, along with numerous pictures.

Louis Jolliet Explorer of Rivers by Virginia S. Eifert, 1961, 242 pages, a biography of my 9th great-grandfather, explorer, Louis Jolliet.

Our French-Canadian Ancestors (30 volumes) by Thomas J. Laforest, 1984, each volume contains over 20 biographies.  Almost every volume has several biographies of my direct ancestors who settled New France.

Reflections from the Lake by Rose-Ellen Soler, 2006, 284 pages, includes Peltier and Vadnais relatives as well as Lake Vadnais history.

St. Mary of the Lake School Centennial Celebration, 2014, 351 pages, includes many pictures of descendants from the Adlore and Ellen Vadnais family as well as other close relatives.

The Vadnais 1723-2004 by Gervaise Vadnais, 2006, 235 pages, includes my 2nd through 7th great-grandparents: Francois Vadnais and Tharsile Mary Hus Lemoine,  Francois Vadnais and Marguerite Petrin Houle, Francois Vadnais and Genevieve Coulombe, Antoine Vadnais and Francoise Antoinette Laporte, Jean Baptiste Vadnais and Marie Anne Mousseau, and Pierre Remi Vadenay and Louise Moirie.

The Voyageur by Grace Lee Nute, first printed in 1931, 288 pages with history on the French-Canadian voyageurs.

Vadnais Family History by Alfred J. Dahlquist, 1977, , 336 pages of family group sheets back to my 7th great-grandfather Pierre Remi Vadenay and his family.  You can print a copy of this book off the internet.

Vadnais Heights A History 1845-1976 by The Bicentennial Commission, 1976, 94 pages, the history portion includes bios on Jean Garceau and Marie Gingras (my 3rd great-grandparents) and Charles Peltier and Mathilde Garceau (my 2nd great-grandparents) as well as other relatives.

Wisconsin, The Americanization of a French Settlement by Rueben Gold Thwaites, 1908, 66 pages, a biography of my 10th great-grandfather, Jean Nicolet Belleborne,  famous for exploring Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island, Green Bay, and being the first European to set foot in what is now Wisconsin.

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