Amis Henry Vadnais

Amis Henry, my granduncle, was the sixth child and youngest son of William and Jennie Vadnais. He was born on September 26, 1890 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.1

There are very few records associated with his short life.  The first documentation I found for him was the 1895 Minnesota state census.2  He was 4 years old at the time of the census in June of 1895.

1895 Minnesota state census record (cropped to show Amis Cadnis [Vadnais])

I have only ever seen one image/likeness of Amis, a pastel.  He was a cute boy!  He looks just like a Vadnais to me.

Amis Vadnais

The last record I found for Henry Amos [Amis] was his death record in the 1910 Register of Deaths for Ramsey County, Minnesota.3  It shows that he passed away on February 2, 1900 at 9 years, 4 months and 6 days old.  The cause of death was tubercular meningitis (It is the most common form of central nervous system tuberculosis where the membranes (meninges) around the brain or spinal cord become inflamed.  It is caused by a specific bacterium known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  There is a very high mortality rate associated with this disease.).  Notice that the record shows his parents as Wm [William] and Josephine [Jennie] Vadnais.

Minnesota Register of Deaths for the Year 19[00] for Henry Amos [Amis] Vadnais
(I cropped the record to fit so titles would show)

Amis is buried at St. Mary of the Lake Cemetery in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.4  There is a different death date on his grave marker than shown in his death record.  The Minnesota Register of Deaths has February 2, 1900 as the date of death and his grave marker below is inscribed “Feb. 5, 1900”. I tend to think the official Minnesota record is correct, even though the other is “carved in stone”.

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