Final Resting Places of our Ancestors

White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Adlore, Ellen, Amis, Lawrence and Henry are all buried in the Vadnais plot at St. Mary’s Cemetery
Adlore and Ellen Vadnais (my grandparents)
Amis Henry Vadnais (my granduncle)
Lawrence Thomas Vadnais (my uncle)
Henry Woodrow Vadnais (my uncle)

Jennie Vadnais’ grave marker is just to the left of the Liebl monument
Eugenia “Jennie” Vadnais (my great-grandmother)

St. Mary’s Cemetery, Tharsile and Francois Vadnais grave markers in the shadow of the tree
Francois and Tharsile Vadnais (my great-great-grandparents)

St. Mary’s Cemetery, Jean Baptiste & Rose Delima Derosier in Bonin plot
Jean Baptiste Derosier
(my great-great-grandfather)
Rose Delima Derosier
(my great-great-grandmother)

Edmund Joseph and Excellina M. Peltier (my granduncle and grandaunt)

Norman Bazille (my great-granduncle)
Sophia Peltier (my great-grandaunt)

Benjamin Joseph LaBore (my granduncle)
Alice Mabel Peltier (my grandaunt)

Mathilda (Tille) Vadnais (my great-grandaunt)

Kathleen Mary Whitrock (my first cousin) and Meghan Marie McGarthwaite (my first cousin once removed)

Florence Eugenia Vadnais (my aunt)
John Jule O’Neil (my uncle)

Karen Ann Vadnais (my first cousin)

Stephen Duane Vadnais (my first cousin)

Lewis and Alma Heckel grave marker on the left and Jennie Vadnais grave marker on the right
Lewis Charles Heckel (my granduncle) and Alma Mary Vadnais (my grandaunt)

Ironwood, Michigan
William (Perry) Vadnais
(my great-grandfather)

Little Canada, Minnesota

Charles and Mathilda Peltier (my great-great-grandparents)

Albert & Celestine Peltier (my great-grandparents)

Frances Mary Peltier (my grandaunt)

Albert Noah Peltier (my granduncle)

Norma Genevieve Peltier (my grandaunt) and Ferdinand Joseph Tessier (my granduncle)

Arnold Paul Tessier (my first cousin once removed)

Cleveland Peter Peltier (my granduncle)
Mabel Caroline (Erhardt) Peltier (my grandaunt)

Eveline (Evelyn) Peltier (my grandaunt)

Centerville, Minnesota
Albert Norbert and Genevieve Baillargeon
(my great-great grandparents)

Antoine Napolean & Emma (Brachvogel) Peltier
(my 2nd great-granduncle & 2nd great-grandaunt)

Paul & Angele (Parenteau) Peltier
(my 3rd great-grandfather & his 2nd wife)


Harvey Thomas Vadnais
(my granduncle)

John Patrick O’Neil (my first cousin)

White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Edmund Leon Vadnais
(my granduncle)
Olga B. (Kleidon) Vadnais
(my grandaunt)
Harold E. Vadnais
(my 1st cousin once removed
The Kleidon family gravestone is shown in the center with Harold Vadnais’ marker to the right.  Edmund’s and Olga’s grave markers are in the foreground
Mary Theresa Vadnais
(my great-grandaunt)
John Emil Extrand
(my great-granduncle)

Howard W. Bloom (my granduncle) and Vina M. Peltier (my grandaunt)

Joseph Albert Vadnais (my granduncle)

Vashon Island, Washington
Joseph J. DeMers & Leda D. Derosiers (my great-granduncle & great-grandaunt)

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