In Memory of our dear cousin Joseph (Joe) Richard Vadnais (1944-2017)

Four days from today, Tuesday, November 14th, marks the 6th anniversary of our dear cousin Joe’s passing.  Here are a few of the pictures that I have of him, most of them were taken when he was quite small (he was so cute).  My oldest brother David told me that that as Joe grew out of his clothes they were handed down to him to wear.

Spring 1945 – Martha proudly showing off her first of four children, Joe
Martha would have been about 28 years old and Joe about 6 months old

The following 4 pictures were probably taken on the same day in 1946.

Circa 1946 – Joe about 2 years old – he is standing on the west side of Bald Eagle Avenue looking north, probably in front of his grandparents’ home at 411 Bald Eagle Avenue
Circa 1946 – Adlore Vadnais carrying his grandson, Joe Vadnais.  Adlore would have been about 57 years old.
Circa 1946 – White Bear Oil Company – Joe’s double first cousin Mike with his arm around his Dad Charles’ neck, Joe standing in front of his Uncle Charles and Joe’s Uncle Jack in the back working on a car.  Mike would have been about 4 years old, Charles about 35 years old, Joe about 2 years old and Jack about 21 years old.
Circa 1946 – Joe with his double first cousin Mike on the side steps at their grandparents’ house, 411 Bald Eagle Avenue, White Bear Lake
1949 – Joe, about 4 years old, as the ring bearer in Arnold Tessier’s wedding.  Arnold was Joe’s first cousin once removed.
Circa 1950 –  In the first 2 pictures Joe is with his sister Mary and in the picture on the right their cousin Sue is in the middle – Joe would have been about 5 years old, Mary about 3 years old and Sue about 4 years old.
Circa 1951 – Joe with his sister Mary – Joe would be about 6 years old and Mary about 4 years old.  Joe is wearing a Hopalong Cassidy shirt; Hopalong Cassidy was on TV from 1949-52.
1996 – Joe at the Vadnais family picnic.  He would have been 51 years old.

We miss you, we love you, we remember you.

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