Photo Friday (13th)

I’m not sure why the following photo was taken of the 3 siblings without any of their other siblings.  I think they are all in their late teens.  Alice was born in 1885, Albert Noah was born in 1887 and my grandmother Ellen Lucy was born in 1888.

Alice, Albert Noah and Ellen Lucy Peltier, early 1900s

The next picture was taken in the driveway at Adlore’s home, 411 Bald Eagle Avenue, White Bear Lake.  I would guess that it was taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

Adlore Vadnais and his sister-in-law Norma (Peltier) Tessier
Circa 1907, Ellen Lucy Peltier, Mary (Clem), Joseph F., Henry J. and Damas (Thomas) Peltier posed outside of the Damas Peltier family home on Centerville Road. 

Damas is Ellen’s uncle, her father Albert’s oldest brother.  Mary is his wife and Joseph and Henry are 2 of their 3 boys, Ellen’s first cousins.  By 1905 their eldest son, George Albert (the one not pictured) was living in White Bear in the area of the current VFW and working for John O. Johnson as a boatbuilder.  I believe that Damas (Thomas) was a gardener.  I love all the pots of plants and the school desk where Ellen is seated.

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