George Hus Lemoine & Marie Felicite Gautron dite Larochelle

George and Marie are another set of my 3rd great-grandparents.  They are my 2nd great-grandmother Tharsile Marie Hus Lemoine’s parents, and my grandfather Adlore Vadnais’ paternal great-grandparents. 

Looking for ancestors with last names Hus Lemoine and Gautron Larochelle can be confusing since they may be recorded as Hus, Lemoine, Hus Lemoine, Gautron, Gautron Larochelle or just Larochelle on different documents.  To make it even more confusing, George’s last name is also seen as Hus Paul Lemoine.    

George Hus Lemoine was born in the depth of the cold Canadian winter on February 17, 1805.  On the 18th, at just one day old, he was baptized at Saint-Pierre, Sorel, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada.1  George was the 2nd of 8 children born to Barthelemy Hus dit Lemoine and Marie Ursule Blette.  He would eventually have 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

1805 baptismal record for George Hus Lemoine


Baptism of George Hus Lemoine

On the eighteenth of February, one thousand eight hundred and five by us, the undersigned, was baptized George, born yesterday, of the legitimate marriage of Barthelemi Hus dit Lemoine, farmer of this parish, and of Marie Bolet. The godfather was Joseph Hus dit Lemoine and the godmother Genevieve Peloquain The present father who did not sign.

Signature of the priest

End of translation.

The Church of Saint-Pierre opened in 1666

George’s future wife, Marie Felicite Gautron dite Larochelle was born on May 6th of 1805 and she was baptized the following day at Saint-Michel d’Yamaska, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada.2  Marie was the oldest of 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, born to Thomas Gautron Larochelle and Marie Allard.  Her family also lived in the Sorel area, but for some reason Marie was not baptized at Saint-Pierre’s. 

1805 baptismal record for Marie Felicite Gautron dite Larochelle


B (Baptism)

Marie Felicite Gautron dite Larochelle

In the year one thousand eight hundred and five, the seventh of May was baptized by me, the undersigned priest Marie Felicite Gautron, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Thomas Gautron dit La Rochelle, farmer of the parish of Sorel and of Marie Allard. The Godfather Michel Gautron, grandfather of the child, the godmother Felicite Comou [Felicite Comeau is the grandmother of the child] —– the father of the child present at the baptism declares that he does not know how to sign.

                                                                                                                   J. Gibert (signature of the priest)

End of translation.

It is nice when the priest records relationships in a record.  I am not sure why he acknowledged Marie’s grandfather Michel Gautron (her godfather) and not her grandmother Felicite Comeau (her godmother).

George and Marie were quite young, both just 18 years old, when they married on June 3, 1823 at Saint-Pierre.3

1823 marriage record for George Lemoine and Marie Gautron


M (marriage)

George Lemoine & Marie Gautron

On the third of June one thousand eight hundred and twenty three after the publication of three banns at the — of parish masses one between George Hus Lemoine minor son of Barthelemy Hus Lemoine and Marie Blette of this parish on the one hand and Marie Gautron also minor daughter of Thomas Gautron dit Larochelle and Marie Allard also from this parish on the other hand. Being there at the said marriage neither impediment nor opposition that the — I undersigned priest and vicar of this parish received their mutual consent — the agreement of their parents and gave them the nuptial blessing with the ceremonies prescribed by the Holy Church in the presence of Berthelemy Hus Lemoine, husband’s father, of Louis Peltier and Alexis Crepeau who —- the spouses declared that they did not know how to sign.

                                                                                                                                      (Signature of the priest)

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Just over one year after getting married, the couple would have their first of 11 children: 6 girls and 5 boys.  Two of the girls would not survive to adulthood.  Additionally, 4 of their children would emigrate from Canada to the United States to never return.  The draw of a better life in the United States separated many families during the 1800s.

Family PRDH for George Hus Paul Lemoine and Marie Gautron Larochelle 
(I’ve added missing information and made a few name corrections.)4

I wrote in earlier posts that I look for at least a 2 year break before I stop looking for new birth records.  As you can see on the above PRDH, for the most part, Marie gave birth almost every 2 years; a common pattern.

When Marie had her last child Timothy in 1849 she was just 2 days shy of her 44th birthday and 3 of her older children were already married (all during the first 8 months of 1848).   Two of those children, Esther and Tharsile, had already given Marie and George 3 grandchildren.  Both Esther and Tharsile were pregnant during the time that their mother was pregnant; her daughter Esther was about 21 years old and her other daughter Tharsile was around 17 years old.

George was an agriculteur (farmer).  His farm would have been located in the countryside on the south side of the St. Lawrence River.  Even though farms were some distance from each other, everyone knew everyone else, and of course, many of the neighbors were probably relatives.  The community would have been centered on the church with the congregation gathering there each Sunday for Mass; a day of worship and a day of rest from the hard labor associated with day to day survival.  Farming was not an easy life.

I have tried several times to locate Marie’s burial record, but have had no success.  I do know that she passed away some time after her daughter Marie Edesessa’s marriage on November 11, 1868 because she is documented in Marie’s marriage record as being alive at the time.5  I also know that her husband George’s burial record on June 22, 1885 shows that she is already deceased.6

George passed away on June 20, 1885 at 80 years old.  Four of his 11 children had preceded him in death.  He was buried in the Saint-Robert parish cemetery on June 22, 1885.7

1885 burial record for George Hus Lemoine


S27 (the 27th sepulture at Saint-Robert’s in 1885)

George Lemoine

On the twenty-second of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five, we, the undersigned priest, buried in the cemetery of this parish the body of George Lemoine, who died two days before, the age of eighty, widower of the deceased Marie Larochelle of this parish. —  David Lemoine and Paul Lemoine – who failed to sign.

                                                                                                                                      M. Beudry priest

End of translation.

The Parish of Saint-Robert established in 1855
Map with Saint-Pierre de Sorel and Saint-Robert highlighted.  Both located near the St. Lawrence River just north of Montreal.9

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