Charles Peltier (Pelletier) and Marie Rose Perrault

Charles Peltier and Marie Rose Perrault are my great-grandfather Albert Peltier’s grandparents as well as my 3rd great-grandparents on the Peltier side of the family.

Charles was the 5th of 10 children born to Pierre Sulpice Peltier and Marie Marguerite Cochu.1  He was born on February 9, 1799 and baptized the same day at Saint-Sulpice, Quebec.2 

1799 Saint-Sulpice baptism record for Charles Peltier


B (baptism)

Charle Peltier

On the ninth of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine by us the undersigned priest was baptized Charles —– of the legitimate marriage of Pierre Peltier, farmer of this parish and of Margueritte Cochu born today —–

                                                                                                    Signature of priest

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Charles’ future wife, Marie Rose Perrault was born on March 10, 1802 and baptized the following day at Saint-Sulpice, Quebec.3  She was the 10th of 12 children born to Benjamin Perrault and Marie Francoise Dalpe Pariseau.4

1802 Saint-Sulpice baptism record for Rose Perrault 


B3 (3rd baptism that year at Saint-Sulpice)

Rose Perrault

In the year one thousand eight hundred and two, the eleventh of March, By me, the undersigned priest, was baptized Rose, born yesterday, of the legitimate marriage of Benjamin Perrault, laborer [farmer, ploughman], of this parish, and Marie Pariseau. The godfather and godmother were Louis — and Magdeleine Perrault, who with the present father declared not undersigned.

                                                                                                Charles Germain, priest

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The current church of Saint-Sulpice was erected in 1831-32.  The original church had opened in 1703.

The municipality of Saint-Sulpice is in the Lanaudiere region on the north side of the Saint-Lawrence River approximately 23 miles northeast of Montreal and includes most of the Vercheres Islands.  Saint-Sulpice covers approximately 14 square miles and the population in 2021 was 3,360.5 

Charles was 24 years old and Rose was 21 years old when they married on July 28, 1823 at Saint-Sulpice.

July 28, 1823 marriage PRDH for Charles Peltier and Rose Perrault6

Over the next 6 years the couple had 4 children: Rose, Charles (my 2nd great-grandfather), Sophie and Henriette.7  All of the children lived into adulthood, married and had children.

Charles Pelletier and Rose Perrault family PRDH #147884

The children had very few years with their mother.  Rose was 5 years old; Charles was 4 years old; Sophie 2 years old; and Henriette just 1 year old when their mother Rose passed away on January 27, 1830.  Rose was buried 2 days later on January 29, 1830 at Saint-Sulpice. 8   She was only 28 years old.

Rose Perrault Pelletier 1830 Saint-Sulpice burial record


S4 (the 4th sepulture at Saint-Sulpice in 1830)

Rose Perrault Pelletier

On the twenty-ninth of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, we, the undersigned priest, buried in the cemetery of this parish Rose Perrault, wife of Charles Pelletier, a farmer, who died the day before yesterday in this parish, aged twenty-eight. Present, with many relatives and friends Bonaventure Piche and Pierre Bourdon, undersigned.

                                                                                                    Signature of priest

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About 16 months after Rose’s death on May 3, 1831, 32 year old Charles married 21 year old Militilde Hetu at Lavaltrie, Quebec just 5 miles northeast of Saint-Sulpice on the Saint-Lawrence River.  Although Militilde is not a direct ancestor, she is my 3rd cousin, 4 times removed, on the Vadnais side of the family.

May 3, 1831 marriage PRDH for Charles Peltier and Militilde Hetu9

Over the next 17 years Charles’ family grew by another 13 children, 4 boys and 9 girls.10  During that time, the family moved from the Saint-Sulpice area to Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildaire, a small farm community about 22 miles north of Saint-Sulpice.

Charles Pelletier and Militilde Hetu Family PRDH #174694

Charles died on July 24, 1882 at 83 years old.  He was buried on July 27, 1882 at Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Joliette, Quebec, Canada.11  He, like many of our other French-Canadian ancestors, had spent his entire life in a somewhat small area.

Charles Peltier 1882 Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare burial record


S24 (24 sepulture at Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare in 1882)

Charles Peltier

On the twenty-seventh of July, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, we the undersigned parish priest, buried in the cemetery, the body of Charles Peltier, former farmer, husband of Militine Etu, who died in the parish of St Patrice de — , three days ago, about eighty-three years old. Present Louis Vigneault and Michel Vigneault who have undersigned.

                                                                                     Signatures of Louis and Michel Vigneault

                                                         L. D. Laporte, priest

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