Lawrence Thomas Vadnais

My uncle, Lawrence Thomas Vadnais, was the third child of Adlore and Ellen Vadnais.  He was born on August 10, 1913 and was the first to be born in the new family home on 4th Street.  His life was brief so there is very little documentation for him.

On Lawrence’s record of birth his name was given as Lorence.  Along with his birth date, it shows that he was born on a Sunday at 3 A.M. in White Bare [Bear] and the midwife was Mary Kelsey.  It does give me a certain perspective to see that Adlore and Ellen were just 23 and 24 years old.  Lawrence’s death date was also eventually recorded on the document.

Lorence [Lawrence] Vadnais State of Minnesota Record of Birth1

Lawrence passed away on January 14, 1914.  He was just 5 months and 4 days old.  On his death certificate it shows that he died from pneumonia and had been under the care of Dr. S.O. Francis for just under 2 weeks.  Lawrence’s birth occurred at 3 A.M. and his death also was recorded as having happened at the same time of day.  What an unimaginably sad, sad day for Adlore, Ellen and their family.

Lawrence Thomas Vadnais as recorded in the 1914 Minnesota Death Index2
Lawrence Thomas Vadnais State of Minnesota Certificate of Death3
1914 – Original receipts given to  Ed [Adlore] Vadnais for lot purchase in White Bear Cemetery (St. Mary of the Lake Cemetery)4

Lawrence was buried on January 15, 1914 at St. Mary of the Lake Cemetery in White Bear Lake.5

Lawrence Vadnais grave marker, St. Mary of the Lake Cemetery6

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