Eveline (Evelyn) Peltier (1901-1901)

My grandaunt Eveline, the 8th of 13 children, was born on February 12, 1901 to 32 year old Celestine (Derosier) and 41 year old Albert Peltier.1

Birth record for Eveline Peltier born February 12, 1901

Eveline was baptized 5 days after her birth on February 17th by Father Joseph Goiffon.  The baptismal record gives her Latin name as Mariam Evodium which translates as “I will leave Mary.”  Her godparents were her aunt and uncle, Norman Lampson (Bazille) and Sophia Peltier.2

Baptismal Record for Mariam Evodiam Peltier

One week after her baptism on February 24th Eveline passed away. She had lived only 12 days.  She was laid to rest in St. John’s Cemetery; it would be decades before her parents would join her there.

Minnesota Index to Death Records – Eveline Pertier [Peltier]3
Evelyn Peltier grave marker – St. John’s Cemetery, Little Canada, Section 6 / Lot 46 / Grave 44

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