My paternal grandparents and their parents and…

We can all name our grandparents, but naming their parents (my great-grandparents), and the parents of their parents, (my great-great grandparents) is usually not embedded in our memories.

Here’s my list:

My paternal grandparents

Adlore Joseph Vadnais, born September 20, 1889, White Bear Lake, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Ellen Lucy Peltier, born November 30, 1888, Little Canada, Ramsey County, Minnesota

My great-grandparents

Adlore’s parents

William Vadnais, born October 5, 1863, Centerville, Anoka County, Minnesota

Eugenia (Jennie) Baillargeon, born May 24, 1866, Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan

Ellen’s parents

Albert Joseph Peltier, born January 18, 1860, White Bear Township, Ramsey County, Minnesota

Marie Celestine Derosier, born November 17, 1868, Saint-Aime, Quebec, Canada

My great-great-grandparents

William’s parents

Francois Vadnais, born December 2, 1826, Yamaska, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada

Tharsile Marie (Mary) Hus-Lemoine, born August 27, 1832, Sorel, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada

Jennie’s parents

Albert Norbert Baillargeon, born August 3, 1828, Saint-Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, Canada

Genevieve Giguere, born March 2, 1833, Saint-Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, Canada

Albert’s parents

Charles Joseph Peltier, born August 3, 1825, Saint-Sulpice, L’Assomption, Quebec, Canada

Mathilda Domitille Garceau, born May 1, 1834, Saint-Michel-d’Yamaska, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec,

Celestine’s parents

Jean Baptiste Derosier dit Desrosiers, born December 14, 1842, Yamaska, Pierre-De Saurel, Quebec, Canada

Marie Rose Delima Peltier, born September 20, 1844, Saint-Aime-de-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

I will write more about each of these relatives at a later date.

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