In Memory of our dear cousin Terrance (Terry) Joseph Vadnais (1941-2024)

1942 – Terry, safe and secure in his baby buggy
1942 – Terry being held by his brother Jerome (Jerry)
Circa 1944 – Terry in his PJs on the front steps of the family home at 329 Campbell Avenue, White Bear Lake
Circa 1944 – Portrait of Frances (Fran) with her 2 boys: Jerry and Terry
Circa 1945 – Cousins Terry and Mike (both about 3 years old)
Circa 1944 – Jerry and Terry in the front yard of their home on Campbell Avenue
June 17, 1950 Cousins Mike and Terry (both 8 years old) in the front yard at 1416 6th Street, White Bear Lake
1950 – Family dinner party at Carpenter’s Steak House in Hugo, Minnesota – In the left picture Terry (about 8 years old) posing with his Aunt Leona Whitrock (about 27 years old) and in the right picture Terry dancing with his Aunt Bev Vadnais (about 23 years old)
Circa 1952 – Cousins David (front), Mike (holding David’s arms) and Terry with Terry’s family dog “Spotty,” a Dalmatian
Circa 1951 – George (41 years old) and Fran (39 years old) Vadnais with their 4 children (left to right): Jerry (13 years old), Susan (5 years old), Karen (1 year old) and Terry (9 years old)
1953 Cousins David, Mike, Daniel and Terry – basement house 1416 6th Street, White Bear Lake
Terry’s White Bear Lake High School graduation picture
Circa 1966 – Terry in his Uncle Jack’s driveway at 1416 6th Street, White Bear Lake, his cousin George is standing in the background
1976 – Outside of St. Mary’s Church – Pam holding youngest daughter Missy, Terry and front (left to right) Angie, Vikki and Scott
July 2, 1983 – Pam, Jack, Terry and Bev Vadnais – outside of St. Mary’s Church, White Bear Lake
August 8, 1987 – Pam and Terry outside of St. Michael’s Church, Stillwater, Minnesota
2012 – Terry and Pam
2022 – Susan Crothers with her brother Terry outside of the Chalet house just north of Duluth, Minnesota where their family occasionally vacationed

We miss you, we love you, we remember you.

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  1. We will truly miss Terry as we plan this next family picnic. He was always so involved and helped fill balloons for fun toss event. Family was so very important to him. Thank you Cindy for sharing a sniper of his wonderful life.

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